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Life Distractions Are Real!



Distractions are real for we all have been distracted at one point in time in our life. (True!) Its evident,  life is a journey and no one has all the answers yet there are some people who have seem to  figured it out. We call those people successful or should I say Rich! LOL! I guess,  it truly depends on your definition of success. Since everyone seems to have their own perception of the word. However, that’s not what we are  here for . My goal here  is to expose the distractions of this world that cause people  to be distracted from there true aspirations.

See, in order to be successful in any endeavor one must have balance. Balance is needed in every area of our lives, such as  are   social life , spiritual life , family upbringings, career aspirations, educational goals , and  relationships.  All aspects require balance in order to obtain peace. Peace is needed to acquire the very things we truly want. On the contrary, distractions come to still our peace so we wont receive the very thing we yarn for.

Distractions is defined in the Wikipedia as, “the process of diverting the attention of an individual or group from the desired area of focus and thereby blocking or diminishing the reception of desired information. ” See if we loose focus on the very things we want we eventually lessen our desire to receive what we truly want. Distractions come in many forms, lets identify some ways they seep into our lives.



Our Family Story

Our family story, YES we all have one. Right? (Right!) Every family has there issues, none of them are perfect.  Lets just make that known! Since we are aware,  we know , we all were born into some type of dysfunction. Now this dysfunction can either break us or make us.

What I mean by that is, once we get old enough  to make our own decisions. We can  look back at our child hood experiences. (Why would I want to do that?) Because our  child  hood experiences affect who we have become. Now some experiences have created bad memories that a lot of us would rather not talk about. Yet, these very experiences become distractions because they leave a bad taste in our mouth.

The taste causes us to act unconsciously when making decisions.  For instance,  by  not having a father to demonstrate how a man treats a women or having an actual emotional connection with him can cause anger, abandonment issues, promiscuous behaviors and fears.  Having a father as a role model gives men an example of how to be men  and  women a standard. This is just one example of a bad taste that is causing a lot of women and men to make poor choices in life.

Until we identify what those feelings  are and choose conscientiously to acknowledge them  we will be stuck in bondage. Once  we confront the issue  we no longer have to allow our past to affect our future decisions.  We can now let go of the  family story or patterns. Don’t tell yourself, this is  just who I am.  When in fact, we can all  rewrite our story. Don’t let how you were raised dictate how you live your life now, I call it a distraction!





Hows Your Social Life Working For You?

The Social Life started the moment we begin school and for some us with our cousins. Someone to tell your  secrets to, true feelings and someone to simply play with. Having a social life is a necessity. Seriously, I think it is! Since we all need that thing in our lives where we can let or hair down and just be free. Everything doesn’t always have to be serious but remember it has to be balanced.  Balancing it,  is  where I see a lot of issues.  Since social media has surface people just don’t know how to  communicate anymore.

Understand,  I’m preaching to the choir because I  was guilty of this.  Yet, I think,  I have  figured it out. I call figuring it out as, taking a  social media break. Yes,  sometimes you have to take a break off social media because it is a big distraction. (HOW?)

Social Media gave people the opportunity to look into the window of other peoples lives. When paying attention to other people you take the focus off yourself. (Well, I don’t be on social media, like that.)

I did a study,  I sat in a restaurant and scanned around.  90% of the people where not out talking to each other they were on their phones. How many times, have you been having conversation with someone and their scrolling down insta, or Facebook, twitter or whatever?  The point,  they ain’t paying  no attention to you, their distracted.


Knowledge Is Power!

OK! Now, back to when you started school and gained a social life.  If you came from a dysfunctional home and your parents didn’t educate you at home, on how to be leader, how to have integrity and how to focus. Then you probably were distracted at school and missed the  most important lesson. “Knowledge Is Power.” Its not about what you wear, or how your hair is laid, how much money you have,  its more about your character. How you contribute to making the world a better place.

We gain knowledge by feeding our brain. Expanding our mind to different ideas and things.  The bible tells us in (Proverbs 23:7 ) ” As a man thinkth  so is he.” This scripture is significant to this text because  what we feed our minds with,  will contribute to who we are.  Who we are, will determine how peaceful and accomplished our lives will be.

No matter what life throw at you,  continue to be a life long leaner so that you are able to change as life changes. Expand your perception of things so that you can expand your life.  This will require strength but remember knowledge is power.



Spiritual Life


Your spiritual life is probably the most important aspect of your being. Why? Everything is spiritual. God is a spirit, When  he helps us, he does it by his very own spirit. He connects with us through spirit. Our spirit is the very essences of who we are.

If we think negative thoughts all the time, its because we have an insufficient spiritual life. If we are jealous of others or want what others have its because we don’t know who we truly are.  See a spiritual life helps you deal with you,  your emotions, thoughts, behavior, money and relationships . Ultimately,  it gives you a foundation to built off of.

Without a solid foundation everything falls.  Why? No one can escape life. Life has rules, life has cause and effect. Eventually the seasons will change and if there is no  spiritual life then there will be nothing to keep you going in the right direction.

A true spiritual life will keep you from being distracted.  (How?) You will already be aware of the distractions and you will have God to keep you focus. Remember being focus requires you to pay attention to where your heading. In doing so,  you need the help of a  healthy spiritual life  especially since there is another force seeking for your attention. We call this, Satan, the master at devouring.




Relationship are so important because our life is circled around them.  We have relationships at work, with family, with lovers and with God. I heard, how you do one relationship is how  you do all relationships. What that mean is, our relationship with people reflect our relationship with ourselves. If we experience negative or positive relationships with people its only mirroring how we act with ourselves. This is  why,  we must continue to grow as people so that are relationships with people will grow.

Anytime you are dealing with people the only thing to help the  relationship is forgiveness because we all make mistakes. We will come up short. The key is to learn yourself and understand your needs and boundaries. This way you have a reference sheet you can refer to when you are experiencing a difficult relationship. You have to check in with yourself and make sure you have been true to your own requirements.  If you  neglect yourself this is your problem not the other persons. For a relationship will either bring you closer towards your dreams or from them. You get  to choose whether you want to continue entertaining anything.





You know you are successful when you are at peace in all areas of your life.  For example ; Financially, Mentally, Sociologically, Spiritually  and Physically.  In order to accomplish this level of succeeds,  one must balance each area by paying close attention.  Always remember the  lessons life has come to teach you  from past experiences and through the lives of others.

Its true, no one knows the road map to life but I do believe wise people from the past has left major clues.These clues can be found in your bible. Open it up. I think,  I will take my own advise because I to can become more focus. Until next time,  best friends stay true, and loving!


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